Importance and necessity of brisk walking and dietary restrictions in the management of borderline diabetes

Author : Mohd Imtiyaz Shaikh, Varsha Mane, Pranoti N Mane, Prabha V, Danasegaran M, Madhusudhanareddy Induri and Pradeep Vegi

The present study was undertaken to assess the effects of brisk walking and dietary restrictions in patients of borderline diabetes. Thirty (male and female) patients with borderline diabetes were included in the present study after obtaining voluntary, written, informed consent. After selecting, participants were assigned in to two groups consisting of 15 patients in each group. Only diet restrictions were followed by first group and both diet restrictions and brisk walking was followed by second group. Data was presented as mean SD. Data was analyzed by using SPSS 20.0. One way ANOVA followed by Tukey HSD Post-hoc Test and paired t test was used to test significance of the results. P value <0.05 was considered as significant. We conclude that combination of brisk walking and diet restriction was beneficial. We recommend further detailed study in this area to support alternative therapies in the management of diabetes, which can be affordable to the general population.

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