In vitro evaluation of antifungal activity of leaf extract of Adathoda Vasica

Author : Erugu Shravya Puri, Ammanna Sabitha Rani and Govind sulakshana

In the present study, antifungal activity of Adathoda vasica was evaluated on six different fungal species by employing various concentrations of leaf extract (0.5-2.0mg). All the concentrations of leaf extract inhibited the fungal growth and maximum activity was observed at 2.0 mg concentration. Among different doses, the diameter of inhibition zone ranged from 0.5 to 1.6 cm in various fungal species and increased with the increase in the concentration of test solution. Among all the fungi, high inhibition zone were observed in Fusarium oxysporium (1.6cm) followed by Fusarium monilifarmae (1.5cm), Colletotrichum capsici (1.4cm) and Rhizoctinia (1.2cm). Alternaria (1.0cm) and Macrofomina (0.8cm) exhibited lower activity compared to other organisms.

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