Investigating the effects of psychological preparation on levels of trait anxiety caused by coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) before and after surgery in patients in Ahvaz Golestan Hospital

Author : Forouzan Behrouzian, Sorour Nematpour, Seyedeh Tahereh Jazayeri, Mohammadali Sheikhi, Rokhshid Pirboveyri, Seyed Hamed Hoseini

This study investigates the effect of psychological preparation on levels of trait anxiety caused by heart coronary artery bypass grafting before and after surgery in patients hospitalized in Ahvaz Golestan Hospital.method is a clinical trial one, studies 112 patients in coronary artery surgery section of Ahvaz Golestan Hospital had hospitalized for heart coronary artery bypass surgery. In this study, to assess Spielberger anxiety questionnaire were used. questionnaire was completed in admission of the patients was completed by patients twice. First, in the admission in heart surgery section (one day before the heart surgery) and then this questionnaire was completed two days after the surgery and the patient's arrival to care unit. For the intervention group, after carrying out the first stage of completing the questionnaire, psychological preparation was done by psychiatric residents. After evaluating the concerns, the level of information and beliefs of the patient's about heart surgery was determined in three cognitive and behavioral domains and for the length of time intervention was done for case group, and neutral subjects have been prepared in pamphlet were given to control group in order to study and another intervention were performed. the results were analyzed both control and intervention groups. The results for two variables of manifest and trait anxieties in both intervention and control groups statistically have a significant difference with each other (P<0.05). , education level does not affect trait anxiety before intervention (P>0.05). people with various education levels have relatively same levels of trait anxiety in the condition before intervention. Also, trait anxiety levels in various job groups statistically have significant difference with each other (P<0.05). The results showed that ordered regression model based on two variables of trait anxiety before intervention and effect of job condition on trait anxiety after intervention is significant (P<0.05). According to the findings, this research indicates that psychological preparation can reduce trait anxiety in patients with coronary heart surgery. Thus, the psychological preparation of these patients can be helpful and effective.

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