Isolation and molecular characterization of L-asparaginase producing Streptomyces plantensis from Virudhunagar region

Author : William Arputha Sundar, Ameena Beevi, Antony Selva, Jayasri and Muthukumar

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases worldwide and the incidence of cancer is on the rise in both the developing and developed countries. The current treatment does not only affect the cancer cells but also pose harmful to the normal cells. The use of nutritional starvation can be explored to minimize the damage to the normal cells by use of enzymes like L-asparaginase. In our work we have isolated a Streptomyces capable of producing L-asparaginase and molecular characterization was done on the isolate. The gene sequence is submitted in the GenBank with the accession number KJ408782. This organism can be further explored for the production of L-asparaginase, a potential anti cancer enzyme.

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