Knowledge, Attitude and Perception of Japanese Encephalitis among Healthcare Students of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry in a Malaysian University

Author : Muhammad Zahid Iqbal, Muhammad Shahid Iqbal, Chu Heng Lit, Yeoh Ching Ching, Deneshwary A/P Balu, Flora Ku Yee Wei, Rahul Rathi

The objective of the study is to evaluate the knowledge, attitude and perception of medical, dental and pharmacy students in AIMST University Malaysia on the progress of Japanese Encephalitis. A cross-sectional observational study was done on a convenient random sample of 252 students from AIMST University by using pretested and validated questionnaires to gather information on the attitude, knowledge and perception of medical, pharmacy and dental students. From total 252 respondents, 75 were male (29.8%) and 177 of them were female (70.2%). For evaluation of knowledge and perception, males (Mean rank = 10.532.91) were having less adequate knowledge than females (Mean rank = 11.022.88). Among all races that participated in the study, Indians were having the most adequate knowledge than other races on Japanese encephalitis (Mean rank = 33.25 5.29). Among the Faculty of Medicine 70 (27.8), Pharmacy 100 (39.7) and Dentistry 82 (32.5), Faculty of Pharmacy was having the most adequate knowledge than other faculties (Mean rank = 10.972.81). Year 4 and Year 5 respondents were having almost same percentage of adequate knowledge that was (Mean rank = 32.69 4.84) and (Mean rank = 32.99 5.02) respectively. Non-hostellers (Mean rank = 31.93 4.12) were having less adequate knowledge than hostellers (Mean rank = 32.70 5.12). For educational background, respondents from A-Level (Mean rank = 35.90 5.56) were having the most adequate knowledge. Overall good knowledge was seen in the students of AIMST University about Japanese encephalitis. The pharmacy students were having good knowledge as compared with the other faculties in the university.

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