Laccase production by a soil fungal isolate Geotrichum Candidum using response surface methodology based optimization a cost effective approach

Author : Suju Skaria C and Nair G.M.

Laccases are multicopper enzymes produced by fungi with vast industrial applications. The current study focuses on isolating ,screening and optimization of nutritional parameters for the maximum production of laccase by a soil fungal isolate Geotrichum candidum .The influence of D(+) glucose ,(NH4)2 SO4 , KH2 PO4 , MgSO4 , CaCl2 , KCl , malt extract and pH on laccase production were optimized using statistical experimental design. Initially the fungus showed laccase activity of 160.73U/L in the submerged culture conditions. Laccase production increased by 1.57 folds by using the optimized medium to attain a final yield of 253.45 U/L. Further, the experimental value of laccase yield was close to the predicted values, indicating that the chosen method of optimization was less time consuming and a cost effective approach for effective laccase expression.

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