Lornoxicam loaded solid lipid nanoparticlesfor topical delivery: ex vivo assessment and pharmacodynamics activity

Author : Narahari N. Palei and Malay K. Das

The gastric irritant effects of peroral lornoxicam can be attenuated using skin as the route of administration. The present work was focused on the development, characterization, ex vivo skin permeation and skin targeting behaviors of lornoxicam-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN). Lornoxicam loaded SLN was prepared by emulsification solvent evaporation technique. The particle size and polydispersity index were measured by dynamic light scattering technique and was found to be at 180.74.4 nm, 0.2230.006, respectively. The shape and surface topography of SLN were observed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Lornoxicam loaded SLN gel and lornoxicam gels were prepared and the gels were evaluated with respect to in vitro occlusivity, skin irritation and ex vivo skin permeation studies. Lesser skin irritancy and good oclusivity was observed with SLN gel as compared to the lornoxicam gel formulation. The ex vivo permeation data showed that SLN gel could significantly increase the extent of lornoxicam in skin and it showed skin targeting effect significantly. The anti-inflammatory activity of lornoxicam loaded SLN gel was stronger than that of lornoxicam gel and marketed formulation in carrageenan induced rat paw edema. These results suggest the SLN gel as the promising carrier for topical delivery of lornoxicam with skin targeting potential.

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