Management of Recurrent urinary tract infection in diabetic patient with Ayurveda and counselling- Case study

Author : Dr. Nishi Arora

A female patient of 56 years came to the Diabetic screening and counselling OPD of Ayurveda and Unani Tibbia college & hospital in February 2015 with chief complaints of increased frequency of micturition and burning sensation in urethra. On examination it was found that she had raised levels of blood sugar & pressure. She revealed about her irregular eating and sleeping patterns, along with non adherence to medicine. She was not obese and also did not have any family history of Diabetes/Hypertension. From this, it was inferred that psychosocial factors could be the reason behind non-adherence,. “Person centric integrated counselling technique” was used along with Ayurveda medicines. The patient underwent about six sessions of counselling and Ayurveda medicines for two months. She could attain normalcy in blood sugar and pressure levels. She could get relieved of urinary tract infection. No relapse of any of the problems was reported in the next six months’ follow-up after the regimen. It was concluded from the case that holistic approach of Ayurveda medicines along with “person centric integrated counselling’ can efficiently manage recurrent UTIs in Diabetic patients.

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