Medicinal plants are used as a hepatoprotective agents

Author : Mohammad Z, Zeeshan A, Md Wasim H, Anayatullah, Sahar I, Nazma K, Prashant S, Shahla P

Liver is one of the main organs in human body and the chief site for powerful metabolism and Excretion. Thus itís have a surprising role in the maintenance, performance and regulating homeostasis of the body. It is concerned with about all the biochemical pathways to growth, fight. Liver diseases are a chief problem worldwide; viral hepatitis, alcohol, malnutrition, autoimmune and drugs being most critical causes level. The scientific basis for the statement that plants and their active constituents play an important role in the prevention of diseases is continuously advancing. Herbal drugs are becoming more popular in the modern world for their application to cure variety of diseases with less toxic effects and better therapeutic effects. However some limitations of herbal extracts/ plant actives like instability in highly acidic pH, liver metabolism etc. led to drug levels below therapeutic concentration in the blood resulting in less or no therapeutic effect in this review some of the plants with their phytoconstituents studied for protective effect in liver diseases are reviewed.

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