Medicinal plants with antifertility effects: A review

Author : Rashmi C Yadav, Gyce Mariam, Vanashree Garghe, Nimarpreet Kaur, Poornima Kakade

Many ethno botanical surveys on medicinal plants used by the local population have been performed in different parts of the world including Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Trinidad and Tobago. Several plant species have been described as antifertility agents. Plants also used as as abortifacient and as contraceptive by ancient physicians of India. Various medicinal plant extracts have been tested for their antifertility activity both in male and female animal models activity and the active agent but very little is known about many of the herbs, or about long term side effects or safety concerns and hence many herbal methods were tried with mixed results.. Most modern forms of birth control are 70% to 99% effective depending on the method chosen. For women who can\'t use modern forms of contraception, herbs can offer alternatives, and reducing fertility would be better than no birth control. Often needing a period of time to establish effectiveness different combinations can be used. This review deals with listing of potent herbals with ethanobotanical claim for their antifertility activity.

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