Methimazole affected spermatogenesis and enhanced proliferation of testicular macrophages in albino rats

Author : Yosry A. Okdah

The present work studied the effect of the antithyroid drug, methemazole (MMI) in testis of rat. Moreover, the effect of MMI on testicular macrophages was studied. The MMI-treated rats received diet food and 0.1% methimazole drinking water for 30 days. The results showed that MMI caused reduction in body weight of the animals. Histological examination of the testis revealed significant decrease in diameter of seminiferous tubules and inhibition of spermatogenesis. A significant increase in the number of macrophages was recorded in the testicular interstitium. The highest number of macrophages was found in close proximity to Leydig cells followed by peritubular location. The lowest number was observed in perivascular location. Macrophages are necessary to remove cellular remnant like apoptotic material or cell debris in inflammable tissue. So the increase in macrophage number recorded in this work suggests that either apoptotic or inflammable processes rise in rat testicular interstitium after exposure to methimazole.

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