Method Development and Determination of Levodopa in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms by Visible Spectrophotometry

Author : P.V. Lakshmana Rao, C. Rambabu

Two simple, accurate and economic spectrophotometric methods A and B have been developed for the determination of levodopa in bulk and dosage forms. These methods are based on the formation of chloroform soluble ion-associates in the presence of acidic dyes namely Bromo Phenol Blue, BPB (Method A) and Bromo Cresol Purple, BCP (Method B) exhibiting max at 418 nm each. These methods obey Beers law in the concentration range of 2.0-10.0 g/mL for both the methods. The molar absorptivities are found to be 8.77x103 and 1.94x104 L/ for methods A and B respectively. These methods are found to be suitable for the assay of levodopa in pharmaceutical formulations.

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