Molecular Properties Prediction of Phenothiazine Derivatives by Using Swiss ADME, PkCSM, Lazar and Protox

Author : Kotha Anusha Reddy, Mohammed Ashma, Sandala Anuradha bai, Vemuri Jyothi, Tangeda Saritha Jyostna

Molecular absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) play primary role in drug discovery and development. Toxicity determination of chemicals is essential to identify their harmful effects on humans, animals, plants, or the environment. A large number of insilico models are hence developed for prediction of ADME properties, as a result enabling the reduction of time, costs and animal experiments. The objective of this study is to predict Pharmacokinetic, drug likeness properties and toxicity of phenothiazine derivatives by using swiss adme, PkCSM, Lazar and Pro tox softwares. As per the data all the compounds concur Lipinski’s rule of five except F8, F11, F12 and F13 and the compounds F1, F14 and F15 were showed toxic properties.

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