Molecular characterization and evaluation of Actinomycetes from higher altitudes of Kashmir - India

Author : Shabir A Rather, Aabid Manzoor shah, Shiekh Abid Ali, Refaz A Dar, Akash Sharma, Zahoor Ahmad Wani, Abid Hamid, Dilip Manikrao Monde, Inshad Ali and Qazi Parvaiz Hassan

The present study was designed to explore the potent actinomycete strains with remarkable antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities from the high altitude sites of Kashmir India. A total of 33 actinomycetes were isolated from the soil samples collected from high altitude Thajiwas and Apharwat glaciers and their ethyl acetate extracts were screened for cytotoxic activity against a panel of human cancer cell lines. The extracts of isolates SRP-12, SRP-18, SRP-19, SRP-20, and SRP-23 showed promising inhibition of cervical cancer cell line (Hela). In vivo studies of the extract of strain SRP-19 showed maximum (77.63 %) tumor growth inhibition in Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma mouse model. Further, these extracts were also tested for their antimicrobial studies and showed promising activity against Gram-positive bacteria with minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) in the range of 0.5 - 64 g/ml. Based on these results the potent strains were identified by 16s rRNA gene sequencing technique. The results of the present study revealed that the soil actinomycetes of Thagwas and Apharwat glaciers in Kashmir, India have immense potential as a source of anticancer and antimicrobial compounds.

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