Mouth Dissolving Tablets- A Review

Author : Chamanpreet Kaur Mann and Sandeep Kumar

Oral delivery is currently the gold standard in the pharmaceutical industry where it is regarded to be safe, economical, easy to form and the most important is the patient compliance. Other various dosage forms are also available in the market which are used to prevent, care and treat the diseases. But the tablets are most popular among all the dosage forms existing because of its ease of administration, rigidness and patient compliance. But many patients express difficulty in swallowing tablets so to overcome this problem recent advances in drug delivery has expressed dosage forms which disintegrates rapidly when placed upon tongue usually within a matter of secondís i.e in 60 secs. These are novel dosage forms which dissolve in saliva within a few seconds, when put on tongue. MDTs can be administered anywhere and anytime, without the need of water and are thus quite suitable for children, elderly and mentally disabled patients.

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