Nano cocoons A novel stimuli-responsive drug delivery system

Author : B. Swathy

A bio-inspired cocoon-like anticancer drug delivery system consisting of a deoxyribonuclease -degradable DNA nanoclew embedded with acid-responsive DNAse I. Nanocapsule was developed for targeted cancer treatment. The NCl was assembled from a long chain single stranded DNA synthesized by the rolling circle amplification. Multiple GC-pair sequences were integrated in the NCl for enhanced loading capacity of anticancer drug. Meanwhile, negatively charged DNAse I was encapsulated in a positively charged acid-degradable polymeric nanogel to facilitate decoration of DNAse I into NCl by electrostatic interaction. At an acidic environment, the activity of DNAse I was activated due to the acid-triggered shedding of the polymeric shell of NCa, resulting in the cocoon-like self-degradation of NCl and promoting the release of drug for enhanced therapeutic efficacy.

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