Nanotechnology as a novel tool for aquaculture industry: A review

Author : Bharathi Selvaraj, Kumaran Subramanian, Suresh Gopal and Pugazhvendan Sampath Renuga

The properties of silver nanoparticles are attractive and beneficial to the aquaculture industry. The major methods used for silver nanoparticle synthesis are the physical and chemical methods. The problem with the chemical and physical methods is that the synthesis is expensive and can also have toxic substances absorbed onto them. To overcome this, the biological method provides a feasible alternative. The major biological systems involved in this are bacteria, fungi, and plant extracts. The major applications of silver nanoparticles in the aquaculture include diagnostic applications and therapeutic applications. In most immunostimulator and antimicrobial property of silvernanoparticles that is being majorly explored. In addition to this silver nanaoparticles may be explored for fish packaging, in prevention of biofouling, DNA nano vaccines and DNA biosensor. This review provides a comprehensive view on the production, applications of silver nanoparticles in the aquaculture industry.

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