Nanotechnology for Diabetes: A Review

Author : S. Kumdhavalli, P. Mayavathi, S. Monisha, T. Geetha Priya, V. Prathiba

This review article discusses the potential applications of nanoparticles and BioMEMS as drug delivery systems for diabetes treatment. This manuscript discusses polymeric nanoparticles, oral insulin administration using polysaccharides and polymeric nanoparticles, inhalable insulin nanoparticles formulations, and insulin delivery using BioMEMS. In addition polymeric nanoparticles and treatment of diabetes –associated symptoms are discussed. There are a few limitations in the use of conventionally available drug delivery systems for diabetes treatment. This article reviews the subject in brief with suitable references to original research articles and review articles on earlier and current research findings about various types of nanoparticles and BioMEMS in diabetes treatment and their limitations.

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