Author : Ali K. Abbas Al-Obaidy, Nidhal Khazaal Maraie

The role of chronotherapeutics in hypertension management is based on the recognition that blood pressure does not remain constant throughout the day. Instead, it tends to be higher in the early morning hours and lower in the evening hours. An oral press-coated tablet was developed by means of direct compression to achieve time-controlled tablet with a distinct predetermined lag time. This press-coated tablet containing; Atenolol in the inner core tablet which is formulated with various types and concentrations of superdisintegrants, and an outer shell tablet which is formulated with different weight ratios of hydrophobic (Ethylcellulose) and hydrophilic polymers (Hydroxy propylmethylcellulose). The effects of the formulation of core tablet and outer shell of press coated tablets; on drug release and the lag time were investigated. The Formulation was optimized on basis of acceptable tablet properties and in vitro drug release. The results indicate that press-coated tablet composed of C8 (as core tablet formula) and T4 ( as coat formula) achieve a burst release within 4 minutes after 6 hours lag time which is promising applicable pulsatile drug delivery for Atenolol to control morning blood pressure surge through providing appropriate concentration at time of its maximum need.

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