Patientís Knowledge about Diabetes Mellitus and Its Co-morbidities: An Observational Study

Author : Sanjiv Indurkar, Mahesh Kavathekar and Deepak D. Mariguddi

An Indian survey in both rural and urban areas was conducted to map the risk factors for diabetes and the prevalence of complications of diabetes such as CVD and diabetic nephropathy and amputation in Indian patients with diabetes. A rural preponderance of diabetes was observed (53.97% vs 34.63%). 79.08% were unaware of the cause of diabetes. 32.61% patients were aware that they had dyslipidemia while 9.67% patients were ignorant about their lipid status. 63.49% patients were aware that diabetes caused eye problems and 59.02% patients were aware that diabetes is associated with renal damage. 86% patients knew that diabetes increases the risk of CVD . 88.31% patients were aware that diabetes could and must be controlled, yet 93% of the respondents were not taking the appropriate treatment. The study emphasizes the need for improving the knowledge and awareness both among the general population as well as diabetic patients so that India can proudly renounce the title of a high burden diabetes country.

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