Perception of MBBS students about their teaching and learning process of pathology and gynecology: An analytical study

Author : Mohit, Ritu Saxena, Pratap Shankar, Amod Kumar Sachan, Rakesh Kumar Dixit

Pathology and gynecology are two most important subjects in MBBS learning. So it is necessary to assess the perception of teaching and learning about pathology and gynecology in MBBS students. In short, learning in the MBBS acts as a foundation on which a process of becoming a good professional is resting. Moreover, the curriculum and trends in medical education are changing rapidly. Needs of students are changing and role of educators is being redefined at the same time. This questionnaire based study was done to determine the perceptions of MBBS medical students about pathology and gynecology teaching and learning, i.n order to make teaching more effective and enable students learn better.

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