Phytochemical Review on Cataract

Author : Pasumarthy N.V. Gopal, Shaik Shaheda Sultana, Grandhi Surendra, Anjana Male, and Srinivasa Rao Vandavasi

Human eye is one of the most sensitive organs of human body and is permanently exposed to different environmental agents. Common disease of human eye includes conjunctivitis, cataract, ocular allergies, glaucoma and inflammation, etc. Herbal drugs are the main stay for the treatment of ocular diseases in the recent past in view of the side effects of allopathic drugs. Main cause of blindness in the world is cataract among which 50% of cases are even in both developed and developing countries. Cataract is an ocular disorder which is very often treated by means of low cost and safe surgical procedure. This review helps in brief description of literature related different plant materials that helps in the treatment of cataract without surgery.

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