Phytochemical analysis of some Iraqi medicinal plants

Author : Rana R. Al-Ani, Azhar M. Haleem

Fourteen medicinal plants Clerodendron inerme, Chorisia speciosa, Eucalyptus melliodora, Dodonaea viscose, Myosotis sp., Olea europaea, Myrtus communis, Rhamnus sp. Sesbania sesban, Hevea brasiliensis Callistemon viminali Carissa macrocarpas, Thymus vulgaris and Peganum harmal were selected from Uneversity of technology gardens from April June 2013. Qualitative and quantitative analysis was conducted for aqueous and alcoholic extract. Total protein, carbohydrates, alkaloids, phenols, steroids and terpens were determined in both extracts beside of pH value and extraction rates that investigated. From findings the pH value in watery extracts were higher than ethanol extracts in mean 6.41.2 while in ethanol extracts reach to 50.56, the extraction ratio mean in the watery was 11.73.7 while in ethanol was 16.74.7. Total protein in both type of extraction also varies in aqueous extraction the mean reach to 438 while in ethanol was 260.14 in significant difference at P≤0.05. from findings we can also note that ethanol 70% has high ability to release most component of examined plants while aqueous extraction have high ability to release the protein components of studied plants.

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