Phytochemical screening and bioassay of Casssia alata leaf extract to study its skin hyperpigmentation activity

Author : J. Meenupriya, A. Sahaya Vinisha and P. Priya

Medicinal plants of Indian origin play a significant role in treating a broad spectrum of human diseases. With the increase in awareness about the side effects associated with the modern medicines, natural products seem a reliable alternate thatís considered safe and effective. The present study investigates the phytochemical screening and analysis of Cassia alata leaf extract against hyperpigmentation of skin due to spray allergy and under eye darkness. The present study reveals the efficacy of hydroethanolic extract of Cassia alata applied to under eye dark circles and hyper pigmented under arms due to regular usage of body spray. The results obtained are highly promising on regular application twice a day for 20 days. Visible difference is observed within one week of application and normal skin color is obtained within a monthís time.

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