Phytochemical studies of Hybanthus enneaspermus Linn., F Muell.,

Author : Baviya Sampath, R. Radha, R. Vadivu

Hybanthus enneaspermus is a shrub with pink violet flowers belonging to family Violaceae. Plants belonging to Violaceae family contain volatile oils, anthocyanins, flavonoids importantly Rutin, carotenoid pigments and cyclotoxic cyclotides. Used as diuretic, to balance kapha and pitta, urinary calculi, dysentery, vomiting, wandering of the mind, blood troubles, asthma, The desire of the study is to understand the phytochemical nature of the entire plant. It was grind to coarse and successively extracted with solvents of increasing polarity in a soxhlet extractor, extracts were subjected to qualitative analysis, fluorescence analysis, quantitative analysis and chromatographic analysis to know the noteworthy of the plant and make it effectual for human kind in treatment of illness.

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