Phytochemistry of sugarcane: An updated review

Author : Vandana Jain, Kimaya P. Prabhu

Sugarcane, commonly known as noble cane, due to its high sucrose content and low fiber content is one of the important industrial crops of the world. Along with its industrial importance, sugarcane is also widely known for its medicinal purpose. The present review incorporates the exhaustive compilation of phytochemical nature of the different parts of the sugarcane plant (leaves, stalks, and roots). The phytochemical profile of sugarcane and its various products has revealed the presence of various fatty acid, alcohol, phytosterols, higher terpenoids, flavonoids, -O- and -C-glycosides, and phenolic acids. In addition to the Phytochemistry, this review also includes the medicinal benefits of the sugarcane plant parts.

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