Phytosomes: A Newer Approach towards Drug Delivery System

Author : Dr. Arpita Singh, Krishna Kumar, Dr. Amresh Gupta, Dr. Satyawan Singh

The objective of this review is to focus on the application of herbosome technology along with its preparation, various properties, and characterization. The term "Herbo" means plant while "some" indicates cell-like. It is also known as phytosome. It is a novel technique in herbal drug technology that removes the limitations of traditional drug delivery systems and enhances the bioavailability of herbal extracts. They are produced by a process whereby the standardized plant extract or its constituents are bound to phospholipids, mainly phosphatidylcholine producing a lipid compatible molecular complex. The product and extract which are obtained from plant source are increasingly receiving attention as dietary supplements for the homeostatic management, toxicities, cancers, weight loss, and other chronic or acute degenerative disorders. After isolation of plant products, they prone to instability and are potentially incapable to cross the biomembrane as such. Hydrophobic nature is shown by some plant product and their delivery to the systemic circulation is a quite difficult task. The ribosome technique reduces these tasks to reasonable extents.

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