Preferred learning styles of second year medical students

Author : Kavitha R, Rajesh M, Kannan R

Medical students differ in intelligence, personality, aptitudes and rate of learning. By identifying and adopting their preferred learning styles, the process of learning will be enhanced which further helps in achieving mastery in their medical professional. The present study was aimed to assess the preferred learning styles amongst second year medical students in a tertiary care institution. A cross-sectional study using VARK (Visual, Aural, Reading/writing and Kinaesthetic) questionnaire, was carried out amongst second year medical students (145) in Sri Muthukumaran medical college Hospital & Research Institute.The questionnaire consists of 16 items which identify four different learning styles: visual, aural, reading /writing and kinaesthetic. Descriptive statistics were used to identify the learning styles of students. Overall, 41% students preferred to use single learning style (uni-modal). Of these 21% preferred the kinaesthetic style, 13% preferred aural style, 6% preferred visual and 1% preferred Reading and Writing style. Among the rest, 59% of studentsí preferred more than one style (multi-modal), 18% have chosen two modes (bimodal), 17 % preferred three modes (tri-modal), and 24% preferred four modes (quad-modal). The preferred learning styles of second year medical students were multi-modal.

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