Prevalence and consequences of anemia in pregnancy survey based study in Karachi

Author : Safila Naveed, Asra Hameed, Neelam Sharif, Ammarah Urooj, Ramsha Mehak and Sadaf Ghafoor

Anemia is very common in pregnancy because during pregnancy, there was the fluid portion of a pregnant lady\'s blood (the plasma) increases faster than the number of RBCs which dilutes the blood and lead to anemia so can be treated easily with the help of medications. Our studies aim to find out the Prevalence & Consequences of Anemia in Pregnancy in Karachi. Data was collected from different government and private sector hospitals, clinics, health cares and maternity homes of Karachi city. Random and crossed sectional methods were used to collect data from pregnant women belonging to different age groups during different trimesters of pregnancy. Severe anemia is very common in first trimester of pregnancy, mild to moderate anemia during pregnancy mostly found second trimester of pregnancy and as the pregnant lady reaches to the last trimester of pregnancy, her Hb level reaches up to normal levels with the help of medications and they become non-anemic.

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