Prevalence of aac (3)-II Gene in Klebsiella Pneumonia Isolated from Surface Water of Tigris River within Baghdad Province

Author : Kadhum H. Al-Arajy, Afrah F. Abd Al-Kareem, Kifah A. Jassim

In the this paper an attempt has been made to monitoring of klebsiella pneumonia in surface water which a part of feacal coliform bacteria that consider one of microbial pollution indicators in water, also determined their antibiotic resistance and aac(3)-II encoding gene using PCR with specific primers for the detection of aac(3)-II gene. The results showed a total of 40 isolates of klebsiella pneumonia were tested for the presence of the aac(3)-II gene by PCR, 20% were carrying this gene, and also isolates were resistant to various classes of antibiotics. Water and sewage are the ones, which have been identified as reservoirs of enteric bacteria for spread of resistance factors, Prolonged periods that pathogens can remain infectious in the surface waters presenting health risks to transmit these pathogen in potable water, agricultural irrigation water and industrial water usages allowing for the dissemination of multiresistant bacteria into the environment and this can result in dissemination of multiresistant bacteria and their genes of resistance into the environment

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