Properties of tropolone/γ-cyclodextrin complexes prepared using different methods

Author : Rina Suzuki, Yutaka Inoue, Isamu Murata and Ikuo Kanamoto

The aim of the present study is to evaluate the properties of the inclusion complex of tropolone (TPN)/γ-cyclodextrin (γCD) prepared by cogrinding method and coprecipitation method. The physical properties of the preparation were evaluated by differential scanning calorimetry, powder X-ray diffraction, infrared absorption spectra, and 1H-1H NOESY NMR spectrum. Intermolecular interactions in the solid state were confirmed to be in the molar ratios TPN/γCD = 2/1 and TPN/γCD = 4/1 in the cogrinding method and molar ratio TPN/γCD = 2/1 in the coprecipitation method. In addition, in GM (TPN/γCD = 4/1), two molecules of TPN were encapsulated in the molecular space formed between γCD. Therefore, it was suggested that different inclusion structures of TPN/γCD complexes were formed using different preparation methods.

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