Quantum Dots: A New-fangled Loom in Drug Delivery and Therapeutics

Author : Lakshmeesha R., Afrasim Moin, Gowda D.V., Santhosh T.R., Abhilasha T.P., Gritta Sebastian, Riyaz Ali M. Osmani

Quantum dots (QDs) are luminescent nanoscale semiconductor crystal with surface chemistry and unique optical properties that make them useful as carriers for traceable targeted delivery and therapeutic applications. QDs combines with cancer specific ligands, antibodies and peptides etc., and were found to be more effective for identifying and imaging human cancerous cells. The present review gives an exhausted account of QDs including the synthesis, properties, toxicity and their optical and electrochemical applications in drug delivery and therapeutics. Moreover, special emphasis is given on QDs applicability in biomedicine, cancer diagnosis and therapy.

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