Radiological interpretation of anterior urethral valve - a rare urological disease

Author : Sajjad A Dar, Arsheed Iqbal, Imran Nazir Salroo, Afroza Jan, Riaz Saif Andrabi, Amjad Waheed Yousuf

Anterior urethral valves (AUVs) are uncommon congenital anomalies causing urethral obstruction in boys and uncommon causes of lower urinary tract obstruction. Hameturia, urinal tract infection and weak voiding confirmed the diagnosis. On cystoruethroscopy, cusp like valves in the anterior urethral were seen. Although they are referred to as valves. These cases shows saccular or bulbar dilatation known as anterior urethral diverticulum (AUD). They typically occur where there is a defect in the corpous spongiosum. Leaving a thin-walled urethra. This segment of the urethra balloons out during voiding, simulating a mass that is sometimes visible along the ventral wall of the penis. The swelling is fluctuant and urine dribbles from the meatus on compression. AUV are extremely serious and if left untreated may result in end stage renal disease. The presence of valves in the anterior urethra is a rare pathology. Anterior valves are more frequently located at the bulbar level and are associated with urethral diverticula. Clinical manifestations are secondary to the obstructive process and can have mild to severe urodynamic repercussions. Treatment is always surgical, and can be endoscopic or open surgery. The present study reveals the importance of RGU and MCU in diagnosing the anterior urethral valve radiologically.

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