Reduction of cardiac effect of propranolol in lisinopril treated isolated rabbit heart

Author : Hina Abrar, Hina Yasin, Shaukat Khalid, Rehana Perveen, Hina Tabassum, Kaneez Fatima

Background; Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors are widely used in hypertensive patients who may come across to a condition which require emergency treatments. Objective: Pharmacodynamic interaction of Propranolol and Lisinopril was assessed in this study with variable exposure of myocardium according to time. Materials and methods: 20 healthy male rabbit divided in two groups were selected for the study. Lisinopril was given in a dose of 10mg/kg orally for 9 days. The effects of Propranolol were determined on isolated hearts by using Langendroff’s technique. Result: The negative ionotropic effect of Propranolol were significantly decreased (P<0.05).The negative chronotropic effect of low dose was significant (P<0.05) while at high dose the effect was insignificantly decreased (P>0.05). Conclusion: The response of propranolol is reduced in lisinopril treated heart.

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