Review on Non-Communicable Diseases

Author : N. Sharada , B. Swati, G.Venkateshwarlu, K. Sushmita, K. Swapna Reddy, G. Kumara swamy, B. Shymala

Now a days illness caused by various factors like pollution, food habits, insomnia, stress conditions etc. But where as in case of non communicable diseases caused by mainly genetic disorder, environmental pollution, hazardous chemicals especially for cancer, diabetes, kidney failure. The manifestation of cancer is chemical contact and it is a genetic disorder where as in case of diabetes it may be hereditary or it is caused with stress conditions, food habits. Kidney failure is caused by genetic and stress conditions, and high copulation. Recently we have done survey on non communicable diseases at Nalgonda head quarter hospital. In every 100 members 2 persons are suffering with cancer, 16 persons with diabetes and 3 persons with kidney failure.

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