Review on herbal plants as an effective cough treatment

Author : Swapnil M. Bhand, Virendra Y.Yadav

The aim of this review was to systematically assess the literature on herbal medicine for cough as a symptom of upper respiratory tract infections. Cough is referred to the strong explosive exhalation which causes removal of secretions and foreign bodies from tracheobronchial tract. Given the prevalence of children's and adults' involvement with and acquisition of cough, this review article was aimed to report the plants used to treat and relieve cough in traditional culture. cough incidence in both children and adults and the significant role of medicinal plants in preventing and treating various diseases, This data demonstrated strong correlation between phytochemistry, pharmacological properties and medicinal uses Use of herbal drugs is increasing all over the world for various ailments including antitussive activity as they are safe and devoid of adverse effects. Medicinal plants are an important source for the discovery of novel bioactive compounds, which have served and continue to serve as lead molecules for the development of new drugs. Thus this review may provide an insight into herbs possessing antitussive activity.

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