Riboflavin production by Candida Guilliermondia: Alternative modes of improving vitamin yield

Author : Patil Nilam Gangadhar

The importance of nutrition for human health and its influence on the onset and course of many diseases are now a days considered as proven. Vitamins a trace organic substances are required in the diet because they are of great value in the growth and metabolism of living cells. The present study focus on the riboflavin production by Candida guillermondia NCIM 3126 and effect of β cyclodextrin on the production of riboflavin. Sodium lauryl sulphate shows higher yield of riboflavin as compare to Triton 100X. β cyclodextrin shows the highest yield of riboflavin than surfactant. Therefore use of β cyclodextrin as an alternative mode for improving the riboflavin production from Candida guillermondia NCIM 3126.

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