Role of biotechnology in industry and health care

Author : Geethika M, Monica Priya S, Gayathri T.G, Rajeswari S, Nandini Sethuraman and Swaminathan S

Application of the field of Biotechnology has now become an integral part of every industrial organization involving diverse types of various industries, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, dairy, medicine, molecular genetics, environmental, forestry, petroleum, natural resources, pharmaceutical industries, clinical laboratory diagnostics and health care systems. Its role in various beneficial effects on human health and its needs have been known from medieval history dating back to 400 BC. In recent years, this field is rapidly growing and both developed and developing countries are competing to expand its usefulness in all types of applications. Every product produced for human health care and other general use is the result of biotechnology applications. The number of patents sanctioned based on inventions in the field of biotechnology is on the increase compared to any other field. This review article highlights the recent advances in the applications of biotechnology highlighting the need to undertake more research to expand this field for the benefit of human and animal health.

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