Role of enzyme alkaline phosphatase in parkinsons disease patients

Author : Sujitha M and DuraiRajan P

Parkinsonís Disease (PD) is a debilitating illness associated with considerable impairment of quality of life and substantial cost of Health care systems. Our aim of this present study was to find the levels of alkaline phosphatase enzyme in Parkinsonís disease patients for correlation. Methodology: Blood samples were collected from patient of parkinsonís disease and also from Healthy volunteers in a government hospital by venipuncture and the serum was separated. The serum was then used for the estimation of Total protein by Lowryís method. The Results indicates the Alkaline phosphatase levels were found to be increased in the view of this present study correlates well with the finding of study. Hence we suggest for the cure of Neurodegenerative Disorder need further Research to confirm the cause of the elevated alkaline phosphatase level in Parkinsonís Disease and to develop a newer approach as a novel therapy for Parkinsonís Disease.

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