Role of mifepristone in conservative management of fibroid uterus

Author : Brig Vinod Raghav, Col Yoginder Singh, Pratap Shankar, Rakesh Kumar Dixit

Women aged between 30's and 40's years facing several gynaecological problems. Uterine leiomyomas or fibroids are common gynaecological problems among women with a variable prevalence. The main symptoms are accompanied with pain, bleeding, uterine abnormalities leading to deterioration in the quality of life of patients. Mainly surgical and medical treatments of fibroids are used effectively in clinical practice. However, its role in reduction of fibroid volume is under debate and discrepancies in claims have been reported in various studies using different protocols. The present study was carried out to study the reduction in size of fibroids and change in symptomatic profile following treatment with Mifepristone-50 mg per week for 6 months.

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