Screening of UV-VIS, TLC and FTIR spectroscopic studies on selected red seaweed (Acanthophora specifera) collected from Gulf of Mannar, Tamilnadu, India

Author : R. Rajeshkumar and K. Jeyaprakash

The present study was carried out to investigate the active substances present in the methanolic extract of Acanthophora specifera by using the analysis of TLC, UV-VIS and FTIR. The result of UV-VIS spectroscopic analysis confirms the presence of tannins (152.85mg/g) and Flavonoids (78.43mg/g) in the plant extract. For FTIR analysis confirmed the presence of phenol, alkane, saturated nitrites, carboxylic acid, aromatic compound, Silicon and boron compound which shows major peaks at 3371.74, 2835.07, 2216.74, 2044.31, 1599.53, 1113.83, 1025.47 and 657.53 respectively. Thin layer chromatography (TLC) analysis was used to separate and isolate flavonoid compound and the R value 0.96 was compared and identified as quercetin in the methanolic extract of Acanthophora specifera. The present study demonstrated that Acanthophora specifera has rich source of secondary metabolites.

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