Spectrophotometric estimation of Acetazolamide in pharmaceutical formulations

Author : Garikapati Devala Rao, Madhusudhanareddy Induri

A precise and sensitive UV spectrophotometric method for the quantification of acetazolamide in pharmaceutical formulations has been described. The acetazolamide shows absorption maxima at 265 nm and obeyed Beers law in the range of 6-16 g/mL using methanol as solvent. The results were treated statistically and were found highly accurate, precise and reproducible. This statistical approach gives optimum results for the eliminating fluctuations coming from instrumental or experimental conditions. It was concluded that the proposed method is simple, easy to apply, economical and could be used as an alternative to the existing spectrophotometric and non-spectrophotometric methods for the routine analysis of acetazolamide in pharmaceutical formulations.

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