Stability evaluation of Phyllanthus Urinaria extract loaded palm kernel oil esters-based nanoemulsions

Author : Elrashid Saleh Mahdi, Azmin Mohd Noor, Hassan Mohammed Ali and Munavvar Abdul Sattar

Storage stability evaluation of Phyllanthus urinaria extract loaded palm kernel oil esters-based nanoemulsion creams was carried at various environmental conditions for duration of three months. The formulations were evaluated with respect to droplets size determination, extract content evaluation, pH measurement and UV blocking ability compared with the extract raw material stability. The results showed the droplet sizes of nanoemulsion formulations remained in the nano size range and uniform in size with slight rate of change at various conditions. The results of pH and UV blocking ability of the formulations stored at oven temperature were changed which might be due to hydrolysis of hydrolysable tannins of the extract. Storage of the formulations at high temperature shortening the shelf life of the formulations compared with the formulations stored at room and refrigerated temperatures. Formulation 13.9F12U is shown to be the most stable among the formulations loaded with Phyllanthus urinaria extract and its shelf life at 25 C based on t90 is 16.5 months.

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