Study of Dermatophytosis prevalence in Al-Nassiriyah city- Iraq

Author : Mohanad Hassan Najem, Mohammed H. Al-Salhi and Saad Salman Hamim

The present study aimed to investigate the prevalence of some dermatophytes species from patients with dermatophytosis in Thi-Qar Province during the period from August 2014 to January 2015. One hundred eighty samples were examined by 10 % KOH and cultured on sabouraud's dextrose agar with cyclohexamide and chloramphenicol to identify the dermatophytes species. The results showed that out of the 180 cases of dermatophytes, only 94 (52.2 %) cases were positive by both direct KOH examination and culture, whereas false negative results was recorded in 16 (8.9 %) of specimens. Tinea corporis represented the highest fungal infection among patients which represent 47 cases with a percentage of (42.73 %), followed by tinea capitis 19 cases with a percentage of (17.27%), whereas tinea faciei recorded the lowest fungal infection with 4 cases and a percentage of (3.63 %). High fungal infections were reported in females with a percentage of 67.27% in comparison to 32.73 % in males. Age group of 21-30 years recorded the highest percentage of infections among the age groups with 31 cases and a percentage of 28.18%, while age group up to 51 years showed the lowest number of infection with 4 cases and a percentage of 3.63 %. Urban areas recorded the highest percentage of infection with 86.36 % in comparison with 13.64 % in rural areas. The results showed that dermatophytes species which are isolated from patients in the present study included; Microsporum canis with a percentage of 40.91 %, followed by Trichophyton tonsurans with (32.73 %), Trichophyton verrucosum (15.45%), Microsporum gypseum 8.18%, and finally Microsporum fulvum with a percentage of 2.73 %. This present study considered the first study in Thi-Qar province that isolate and record M. fulvum as causative agent of dermatophytosis.

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