Study of modern range and consumer aspects of bandages for pregnant women and postnatal rehabilitation

Author : Diadiun Tatiana, Baranova Inna, Stepanenko Sergiy, Kovalenko Svitlana, Lytovchenko Alina

In this paper, attention has been paid to research of pharmaceutical market of medical products in the form of bandages for pregnant women and postpartum rehabilitation. The study was conducted on such indicators as: composition, manufacturers, determination of the need at social level. Consumer properties have been studied on such criteria as material properties, the effectiveness of the intended use, usefulness, safety and harmlessness, aesthetics, which as a result provide reproductive health of women. The analysis has found that materials for bandages are safe, breathable, absorbent, non-allergenic (except individual intolerance). Underwear designed for expectant mothers can significantly facilitate all functional processes. But it should be considered that underwear for pregnant and postnatal models significantly differ from each other. And their choice should be approached responsibly, with a doctorís consult.

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