Study on the utilization of different mode of access of drug information service in a tertiary care hospital

Author : Siraj Sundaran, Nasma P, G. Babu, Sandheep M and Anjana P Soman

Aim and Objective: The study was conducted to compare drug information service utilization after a new mode of access to drug information centre was introduced. Materials and Methods: This prospective study was conducted in PVS hospital, Calicut, by comparing the drug information services utilized for two years. In the first-year direct access to drug information centre, telephonic request, and official e-mail was the mode of access. Second year a new access mode of drug information query box was introduced and compared with the first-year data. Results: Out of 194 drug information queries received,75 queries (38.66%) were from the first year and 119 (61.34%) from the second year. About 51.26% of mode of access utilized by the enquirers in the second year was the drug information query box. Most of the queries were from the nurses (first year: 69.22%, second year: 65.54%). This could be due to more time spend by clinical pharmacist in the wards. Conclusion: Drug information centre was more accessed when query box was introduced, but emergency patient care related queries could not be dealt with this mode.

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