The Scientific review on clinical and therapeutic aspects of Jalaukavacharan (leech therapy)

Author : Sunil Kumar Pandey and Prashant L. Rasale

Medicinal bloodletting has been practiced since the Stone Age. Leeches were widely used in India, Europe, especially in France for therapeutic purposes from relieving pains to the treatment of hypertension. Famous Indian surgeon Susruta had described the therapeutic use of leeches vividly in his treatise ‘Susruta Samhita’. Records of the medical usage of leeches are found date back to the beginning of civilization. Illustration of leech application to patients was found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 1500 B.C. Uses of leeches was widely spread in ancient time all over the world. It is known that even great Avicenna used leeches for treatment of a number of diseases. At that time, leeches were used as a treatment for all diseases irrespective of the symptoms. It has been mentioned in Àyurvedic texts that Jalauka first sucks impure blood only; thereafter, she may suck pure blood. When she sucks pure blood, the patient may feel itching and pain in that area.

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