The antioxidant and anti-tumor activities of the Lebanese Centranthus Longiflorus L.

Author : Rawan Makki, Hassan Rammal, Hussein Farhan, Mohamad Nasser, Zeinab El Dirani, Akram Hijazi, Bassam Badran

This study aimed to examine both the impact of growth period on the chemical composition and the in vitro anti-oxidant and anti-proliferative properties for Centranthus longiflorus. Aqueous and ethanolic extracts from leaves and stems, collected from two harvests, were tested to diagnose their different secondary metabolites content. This was conducted through classical phytochemical screening tests. In addition, a test for their antioxidant (DPPH and H2O2 radical scavenging) and for cell viability (Neutral red assay on HeLa cells), were conducted. The results have shown that both aqueous and ethanolic extracts from the different parts of the two C. longiflorus harvests contain alkaloid, coumarin, saponin, flavonoid, polyphenols, volatile oils and reducing sugars in different concentrations. Moreover, an antioxidant activity was observed by this plant where it inhibited the viability of HeLa cell line in a time-dependent (072 h) and dose-dependent (0250 μM) manner. As such, the in vitro anti-oxidant and antiproliferative effects that were revealed from the two harvests of C. longiflorus reflect the significant potential use of this plant in the development of a new anti-cancer agent.

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