The effect of plant extracts hymenocrater longiflovus on the Fungus Aspergillus Flavus

Author : Noor Ridha and Khosrow Chehri

The objects of this study concerted to identify the develop Aspergillus flavus, Hymenocrater longiflovus extracts have been evaluated for their bioactivities on A. flavus. In total, 100 samples of nuts were collected from markets of Iraq. Through the study, PDA media were used to isolate A. flavus. The results revealed the A. flavus was identified in 65% from nuts. Aspergillus flavus isolates were further culture on PDA media contain ethanol H. longiflovus extracts, and hydroethanol H. longiflovus extracts. The results showed the effect of different concentrations of plant extracts on radial mycelial growth of A. flavus. Increasing concentration of plant extract significantly reduced the mycelial growth of the pathogen. These results evidently indicate that the plant H. longiflovus had inhibitory effect on post-harvest pathogen of nuts in alcoholic extracts of H. longiflovus have been reported to have antimicrobial properties.

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