The role of inorganic salts, heavy metals, fruits, vegetables and diet in nephrotoxicity

Author : Mohammad Asif

Some inorganic salts and heavy metals are used in the treatment of various diseases but their increase uses may causes various chronic diseases. These therapies may cause potential toxicity that may be mainly renal toxicity caused by the ingestion of inorganic salts and heavy metals. The toxic effects of inorganic salts and heavy metals impaired renal function or renal health. This study provide knowledge and guide to encourage future toxicity studies, protection against these type of toxicities and their relation with diet particularly use of vegetables and fruits. This review has also presented evidence that many dietary and other factors can influence nephron activity. However, the evidence continues to shows that excessive heavy metals and inorganic salts intake play a leading role to causes serious renal health problems. The consumption of more natural foods, especially with high in fiber, salts like potassium, calcium, magnesium and some other potentially useful chemicals that may help reverse the biochemical and physiological damage caused by the typical unhealthy diet.

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